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CarboSeal® Achieves Outstanding Results in Long-Term District Heating Liner Test

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PPR Deutschland GmbH, in collaboration with AGFW | Der Energieeffizienzverband für Wärme, Kälte und KWK e.V. and Stadtwerke Neumünster, proudly announces the successful long-term evaluation of the CarboSeal® district heating liner. Following extensive testing under real-world conditions, CarboSeal® has proven its durability and reliability for trenchless renovation of district heating pipes.

In March 2022, PPR Deutschland installed a 40-meter CarboSeal® liner in a DN 250 test line in Neumünster, Germany. This installation was part of the "FW-Liner" research project (FKZ: 03ET1457), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. The test line, built by AGFW and Stadtwerke Neumünster, included deliberate imperfections to simulate defective weld seams and corrosion damage, testing the liner's capacity to handle real-world conditions.

The first major inspection took place in February 2023, supervised by AGFW and Stadtwerke Neumünster. The CarboSeal® liner was evaluated for its ability to adhere to the steel pipe's thermal expansion properties and overall integrity. The results were highly positive: no changes or abnormalities were found, and the liner's surface properties and sealing sleeves remained intact. Water samples taken throughout the year showed no significant changes, reinforcing the liner's effectiveness.

A second inspection was conducted in March 2024, again under the supervision of AGFW and Stadtwerke Neumünster. This inspection mirrored the first, with video evaluations and detailed examinations. The CarboSeal® liner continued to show no signs of wear or degradation, appearing as pristine as the day it was installed. This further demonstrated CarboSeal® reliability in maintaining its structural integrity under pressures of 9-10 bar and temperatures between 90-110°C.

The success of CarboSeal® in this long-term test underscores its potential for widespread use in district heating systems. The liner's durability suggests a minimum replacement interval of 40 years, significantly reducing planning and construction time for utility companies. Practical applications of CarboSeal® in seven countries already highlight its benefits and effectiveness.

The test track in Neumünster, initially established as part of the "FW-Liner" project, will continue to operate under the "SaniFern" research project (FKZ: 03EN3052), further extending the test period and contributing to ongoing innovations in district heating technology.

Borås, Sweden - June 3, 2024