Trenchless District Heating Pipe Renewal

The cost-effective Relining Solution for District Heating, high Pressures and high Temperatures - faster, simpler and more sustainable!

The Pipe Renewal Revolution

Why Choose CarboSeal®?

Transform the way you approach infrastructure maintenance. CarboSeal® is replacing subterranean service pipes and structures with little or no excavation. 

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Use existing manholes or small trenches to enter and exit pipes, and have it replaced in days instead of months. There is no need for new routes or excavating long sections. Avoid cumbersome and lengthy processes to apply for permits and plan for digging up streets. The process to replace old pipes can now be done in weeks rather than years.
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Using CarboSeal, the pipe can be renewed from the inside. Instead of planning and digging up whole streets, existing manholes or small trenches can be used to renew the whole network. The minimal impact on activities overhead makes it easy to replace even the most challenging pipes under roads with heavy traffic, busy shopping streets, rail lines, or water.
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Using CarboSeal, the host pipe remains in the ground, with no need to dig it out, refill or recycle to rehabilitate old pipes. By avoiding excavation, the carbon footprint of producing, installing and refilling is reduced by at least 90%.
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Efficient Rehabilitation by SFAB in Stockholm: CarboSeal Liners in Action

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A Unique Solution

No-Dig, no Interference

Trenchless Rehabilitation Solution

Relining for District HeatingCarboSeal is a unique solution for rehabilitating district heating pipes that are structurally unsound. This non-invasive method ensures that pipe renewal will have minimal impact on the immediate surroundings, leaving other networks and structures in and on the ground unharmed.

Closing a Gap in the Market

Relining for District Heating

Until 2021, the market could not offer a liner for trenchless rehabilitation of district heating pipes. The materials traditionally used for pipe lining cannot withstand the high-heat, high-pressure corrosive environment in and around district heating pipes. CarboSeal is the solution.

New from Old

Taking over the Workload of the Host Pipe

The system is designed to completely take over the workload of the host pipe, leaving it fully renewed. Distances of up to a few hundred metres can be rehabilitated in one working day, with little or no excavation.

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Norrenergi uses sustainable no-dig method to renew district heating pipes in Stockholm

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09 January 2024
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CarboSeal passes the Test in Neumünster, Germany

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09 January 2024
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Visit us at ‘Rebuild Ukraine’ in Warsaw (November 14-15, 2023)

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01 November 2023
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