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Simple, Fast and Sustainable Renewal of District Heating Pipes

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Boras, Sweden, June 1st, 2021

The PPR team and its partners are proud to present CarboSeal®, which will help District Heating companies to fix leaking pipe systems and renew their networks in a fast, simple and sustainable way.

CarboSeal® has been developed in cooperation with Nordic network owners that include Vattenfall, Fortum and Hofor. It has been tested and verified in collaboration with RISE, the Swedish Research Institute, and multiple successful pilot installations show that old, leaking district heating networks can be rehabilitated to as new. Old pipes are given new life, with no need to dig out, refill or recycle. By avoiding excavation, the carbon footprint of producing, installing and refilling new pipes is reduced by at least 80%.

Aging district heating pipe networks mean an increasing number of leaks, which is a growing concern for network owners at a global level. As well as the economic challenge of network reinvestment, there are major challenges in terms of the availability of the necessary competence, capacity and resources to plan and implement network renewal. Digging out and/or identifying new routes for pipes in city centres, under heavily trafficked roads, over bridges or under water is challenging and costly.

CarboSeal® has been developed to offer network owners a fast, simple and sustainable way to fix and replace their ageing networks by relining. Accessed through existing manholes or two small trenches, the pipe is opened, and the pulled-in-place CarboSeal® CIPP liner is installed. As there is no need to apply for approval to excavate, close streets or identify new pipe routes, planning is simple and fast. Installation takes only a couple of days, and sections of hundreds of metres can be replaced in less than a week.

The patented CarboSeal® system has been developed by an experienced group of network owners, relining companies and materials experts, with valuable support from research institutes and district heating associations. Thorough testing and evaluation has confirmed that the system can withstand the high temperatures and high pressures in district heating networks over long periods, which has proved challenging for conventional relining solutions.

The unique fiber architecture of TeXtreme®, the specially developed resin system and the proprietary liner manufacturing process by BKP Berolina has enabled the PPR team to present this unprecedented solution to address the growing problem of aging District Heating pipe networks.

About CarboSeal®

CarboSeal®, is the ultimate choice for relining district heating and other high-temperature, high-pressure pipes. Its unique combination of outstanding technologies makes this solution a practical option for digging out and replacement that will save time, energy and money for network owners.

CarboSeal® is a registered trademark owned by Pressure Pipe Relining Sweden AB. PPR has quickly established itself as the market leader in relining solutions for district heating pipes. For more information, please visit


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