Neumünster, Germany


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PPR got the opportunity to install a CarboSeal liner in an above ground DN 200 test pipe in Neumünster, Germany. The testing site was prepared by AGFW and their project partners, and it was connected to the Neumünster district heating network. The pipe section was closed off and drained during the installation process.

A prechosen 40 m long straight section of the DN 200 test pipe was equipped with three 12 mm diameter holes and multiple slits, both axially and radially, to represent defects in the steel pipe. CarboSeal® was installed without any issues, and the pipe section was reconnected to the district heating network once the end seals were in place and the pipe access openings were closed.

After almost a year of trial runs under real conditions, the test track in Neumünster, in which a 40-meter-long CarboSeal by PPR liner was installed in March 2022, was opened. During the subsequent inspection of the pipe section, no changes or abnormalities could be found either in the condition of the liner or in other parameters relating to the installation.

The relined section will be in operation in the district heating network for an undefined period of time.




Legienstraße, Neumünster, Germany
DN 200
1 x 40 m
Installed by PPR

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