Pinkafeld, Austria

KELAG Energie & Wärme

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KELAG Energie & Wärme

In the city of Pinkafeld, Austria, local network owner Kelag Energie & Wärme conducted a renewal of the district heating network upon identifying multiple leaks. One DN 100 section of the pipe system passed under a railroad track and was difficult to excavate without disturbing the rail traffic. Quabus and PPR Deutschland installed CarboSeal liners in both the feed and the return and cured both at the same time.

Both rail and road traffic remained unaffected during the pipe renovation period, and the pipe was ready to be recommissioned after four days.

KELAG Energie & Wärme

KELAG Energie & Wärme

Siemensstraβe, Pinkafeld, Austria
DN 100
2 x 18 m
Installed by Quabus

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