Norrköping, Sweden

Navirum Energi / E.ON

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Navirum Energi / E.ON

When Navirum Energi faced the challenge of renewing a leaking DN300 district heating pipe from 1969 under Söderleden E22. CarboSeal was chosen as the solution.

The heavily trafficked road with approx. 13,500 passing vehicles every day would have been very problematic to dig up and renew in a traditional way.

The cost could also be reduced by approx. 60% compared to digging the entire stretch. Then we have not counted on the large social costs and the reduction of CO2 that a traditional renovation would have entailed, with limited accessibility on the road and significantly more energy for digging and re-manufacturing new pipes.

Navirum Energi / E.ON

Navirum Energi / E.ON

E22 Söderleden, Norrköping, Sweden
DN 300
2 x 55 m
Installed by Pollex AB

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