Aachen, Germany


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Large amounts of hot water escaped from a leak in RWE’s main district heating line under the A44 in Aachen! In order to get this accident under control, tankers commuted day and night in a two-shift shuttle service between the Aachener Kreuz and the power plant in Weisweiler. What a hassle!

In the course of coping with this accident, PPR Deutschland was able to support by installing the district heating liner CarboSeal® into a 128 meter long pipeline in DN 500 under the motorway. After brief consultation with Fischer Teamplan Ingenieurbüro GmbH and RWE, they were able to start installation just five weeks after the order was placed. They received valuable support from the companies Quabus GmbH, BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. KG, KURT Kanal- und Rohrtechnik GmbH and PPR Sweden AB.

RWE was the first company in Germany to use a CarboSeal® liner of this dimension and length in a district heating main. It once again underscores its innovation and openness to new solutions.



A44, Aachen, Germany
DN 500
1 x 140 m
Installed by Quabus

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