Sundsvall, Sweden

Sundvalls Energi

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Sundvalls Energi

The Swedish district heating network owner Sundsvall Energi, which operates the city of Sundsvall’s network, discovered a leak in one of the district heating pipes running underneath a road in the middle of a residential area.

The rehabilitation of two pipes, each being just over 100 m in length, took a total of four days. During this time, only negligible disruptions hindered the accessibility of residential parking lots and roads to the buildings.

Following an approved leakage test using air, the pipes were recommissioned and back in by the following workday.

Sundvalls Energi

Sundvalls Energi

Sallyhillsvägen, Sundsvall, Sweden
DN 400
2 x 107 m
Installed by Pollex AB

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