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Veolia UK

In the city centre of Sheffield, UK, a 42 m long DN 400 pipe section needed repair. A traditional excavation solution was not possible because the pipes ran below a street with heavy traffic load, including several bus lines.

The pipes were reached though chambers on each side of the road. One chamber had a depth of ca. 4 m. This did not give rise to any extra issues during the installation and proved that CarboSeal could be installed through such access points.

The recognized benefits from the installation company and network owner were:

  • Minimal Excavation.
  • No excessive welding/weak spots in the pipeline.
  • Public Sector benefits i.e. no road closures or disruption.
  • Design life in excess of steel pipes.
  • Saving on this scheme of approx. £120,000 based on alternative methods.
  • Lining activity can be undertaken in 1 day. Civils element dramatically reduced.
  • The liner can withstand pressures up to 24bar.
  • The system can be operational 2 days after the lining works has been completed (depending on site conditions/extent of renewal works).

The UK Distrcit Energy Association awarded this project as “Innovation of the Year 2023”.


Veolia UK

Veolia UK

Norfolk Street, Sheffield, UK
DN 400
2 x 42 m
Installed by CPC Civils

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