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Big money saving installation in Prague by Zepris

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In November 2022, the primary district heating pipe on Zálesí Street in the southeastern part of Prague suffered a severe DN 500 pipe burst, leading to disruptions in the heating service for PTAS’s customers. Since the leakage occurred, most of the affected section of the pipe was replaced using traditional excavation methods. However, one section running underneath the main road was not replaced, as doing so would have rendered the road non-operational during the replacement process. This is when PTAS reached out to CarboSeal®. A CarboSeal® liner was installed through two smaller trenches on either side of the road, with one pit being five meters deep. This was done without affecting traffic during the rehabilitation.

The installation was carried out during a short planned energy distribution stop over the weekend, and the pipe was back in service the following working day. This approach circumvented the need to activate a reserve heating plant, which would have incurred costs exceeding 100,000€ per day.